Three Reasons Why A Cam Cam Copenhagen Baby Nest Should be Your Next Nursery Purchase

Three Reasons Why A Cam Cam Copenhagen Baby Nest Should be Your Next Nursery Purchase

Baby and nursery trends may come and go, but baby nests are one we’re sure is here to stay! A baby nest is a supportive sleeping pod that allows your baby to sleep, nap and relax in a variety of environments. Having a baby sleeping nest can make all the difference in the world as you travel, transition to having baby sleep in a crib, nap in unfamiliar spaces and more. Here are five benefits of purchasing a baby nest sleeper for your little one:

1. Comfortable for baby

Cam Cam baby sleeping nests simulate the cosy and secure feeling of the womb. The baby nest’s soft and supportive foam mattress is surrounded by a plush padded edge to keep ba-by comfortable and secure. The baby nest cover is made with 100% organic cotton and machine washable for easy cleaning.

2. Adjustable as your child grows

These baby nest sleepers are equipped with practical adjustable draw strings at the bottom of the baby nest sleeper. Simply tie the strings of the baby nest nice and snug when your little bubba is a new-born, then gradually tie the strings looser as your little one grows. As amazing as having a baby is, it can be a pain to see all your nursery and baby items be-come obsolete as your little bundle of joy grows. One major benefit of Cam Cam baby nests is that they can be used for a longer period of time since the baby pod is adjustable – hallelujah!

3. Creates a familiar sleeping space

Babies are very perceptive when it comes to familiarity – they imprint on scent, touch, sound and other senses more than we know. Wherever you are – weather on vacation or visiting family – Cam Cam baby sleeping nests provide a familiar sleeping space in other-wise new and unfamiliar environments. Your baby will recognise the familiar feel of her baby nest and be soothed to sleep in no time! Having a familiar sleeping space for your little one. Baby nests are a great tool for when your little one is making the transition from sleeping in bed with mum and dad to sleeping in her very own crib. Placing the baby sleeping nest in the bed allows your baby to get used to sleeping in her own space, thus making the transi-tion to the crib or cot that much easier!

Baby nest

Adding a baby co sleeper to your nursery is a great decision and can make napping, sleeping independently and travelling much safer, more comfortable and more enjoyable! You can shop Cam Cam’s range of high quality baby sleeping nests at Nordlife, an online designer baby and nursery boutique based in Australia.