The Wound Healing Secret Revealed in the Bible

Within the ebook of James, chapter 5 verse 14 (CEV) it says: “If you’re sick, ask the church leaders to come back and pray for you. Ask them to place olive oil on you within the identify of the Lord.”

Olive oil in Biblical instances was used for all the things from Worship to cooking and that included medicinal functions. It was recent and unprocessed and used till it turned rancid, then discarded.

The one different reference to grease getting used for therapeutic was within the story of the Good Samaritan:Luke 10: 33-35 CEV. “A person from Samaria then got here touring alongside that highway. When he noticed the person, he felt sorry for him and went over to him. He handled his wounds with olive oil and wine and bandaged them. Then he put him on his personal donkey and took him to an inn, the place he took care of him.The following morning he gave the innkeeper two silver cash and stated, “Please maintain the person. When you spend greater than this on him, I’ll pay you after I return.” CBD Hemp Testing Lab

The Samaritan cleansed the injuries with wine and poured Olive Oil on them and bandaged him up. The wine spoken of within the Bible was not the excessive alcohol content material wine we have now as we speak, however quite grape juice that may naturally ferment over time as warmth would react with the pure sugar within the juice. It was a lot safer to hold wine than to likelihood getting sick on contaminated water if you traveled. It could have been excellent for a cleaning and astringent answer for wounds.

The sufferer spoken of on this passage was in all probability crushed and robbed and left for useless within the filth, so his wounds had been in all probability filthy and really susceptible to an infection. It would not say what his consequence was, however he was taken to an Inn and cared for by the Inn keeper, so I might think about that he recovered. Irregardless, we have now a snapshot of what was the usual remedy in that day for wounds.

With trendy medical science and antibiotics, it will be straightforward to dismiss such archaic remedy as not having any price. However, I not too long ago had a possibility to place this historical type of wound care to the take a look at. Roughly six days in the past my spouse acquired a nasty chunk wound from one of many Squirrels we rehabilitate. The squirrel bit her left ring finger clear to the bone. We didn’t clear the wound with wine, as a result of we did not have any that may duplicate what’s talked about within the Bible, so we washed the wound with cleaning soap and water. There was profuse bleeding so we held direct stress on the wound till it stopped. We utilized a chunk of gauze soaked with Virgin Uncooked Coconut Oil and a stress dressing. We modified the dressing twice a day and reapplied the Uncooked Coconut Oil. On day three we began soaking the wound in heat uncooked coconut oil.

A deep puncture wound, particularly one produced by a chunk, is the extra more likely to get contaminated than every other wound. The wound has by no means proven the slightest proof of getting contaminated. There was some slight swelling initially, as is regular in a recent wound, however no pus or redness ever developed. By day three there was a slight trace of bruising however the finger was virtually fully ache free. Right now is day seven, and apart from a tiny piece of pores and skin that’s lacking the place the higher enamel tore the pores and skin, you possibly can hardly inform that she had an damage!

Having labored within the Emergency Room for over 20 years, I do know if I had taken her to the hospital she would have had an IV and an IV antibiotic equivalent to Rocephin. The wound would have been enlarged and irrigated and presumably a drain would have been positioned to maintain it open so micro organism might escape. She would have gone dwelling with a prescription for ten days price Keflex and Bactrim, plus one for Vicodin for ache. I used to be ready to take her to the physician on the first signal of an infection, nevertheless it by no means occurred. I in all probability saved $1000.00 to $1300.00 in medical bills, plus the added value of follow-up for suture and drain removing.

We used Uncooked Coconut Oil as a result of most Olive Oil as we speak is processed in numerous methods and not resembles the olive oil of Biblical instances. Virgin Uncooked Coconut Oil is wealthy in a pure substance known as Lauric Acid and Capric Acid that research have proven it to be a pure anti bacterial, anti fungal and anti yeast agent. Virgin Uncooked Coconut Oil additionally has a protracted shelf life in its pure state, lasting over two years with no particular storage wanted.

Uncooked Coconut Oil is a fabulous remedy for wounds. Analysis has proven that there are a lot of different makes use of for this oil that vary from solar blocker to remedy for HIV and AIDS. Sadly, in the USA pure substances have little or no likelihood of constructing it in to mainstream drugs as a result of if it might’t be patented, it will not be acknowledged as a viable remedy!

Recent Coconuts and Uncooked Coconut Oil has been used for hundreds of years within the South Pacific Islands as a mainstay of the on a regular basis weight-reduction plan and treatment for wounds and sicknesses. Curiously, coronary heart illness, kidney illness, Diabetes and Most cancers are uncommon amongst individuals who maintain to this conventional weight-reduction plan, whereas those that have been uncovered to Western weight-reduction plan have these ailments in similar statistical numbers to their Western counterparts! offers solely in Virgin Uncooked Coconut Merchandise that should comprise higher than 50% Lauric Acid. All of our merchandise carry a 100% satisfaction assure. If you’d like fancy packaging, look elsewhere. We ship the most effective product, and go away the “hype” to those that assume they should “WOW” you with fairly packaging to justify their excessive costs! All of our product costs embody postage!