The Best Change Plates of 2018

The Best Change Plates of 2018

Change plates are extremely versatile weight plates used for weightlifting and fitness that provide exceptional flexibility for gym goers at all strength levels. Whether you’re a young athlete, going through muscle or joint rehabilitation, or a long-time novice gym member, change plates can be useful at any stage. Change plates vary in size and weights from 0.25kg through to 5kg. Change plates are very exact in that these plates are very precise in their weight; these plates can be used with bumper plates or regular Olympic weight plates.

The Best Change Plates of 2018: AtomicMass

Atomic Mass premium change plates are precision-calibrated for the highest performance. Choose plates in weight increments from 0.5kg up to 5kg or buy a full set of IWF-standard change plates for optimal strength training for lifters of any level.

Atomicmass change plates are of the highest quality. Precision calibrated to give you the best performance. Offering six weight increments from 0.5kg up to 5kg these quality plates are compatible with Olympic barbells. Finished in Green, Yellow, Blue, White and Red colours to IWF standard creating a great looking set of plates.

Atomic Mass red competition bumper plate 2.5kg

Premium Change Plates

Price is for Pair of Plates

0.5KG (White): 135mm diameter / 12mm thickness

1.0KG (Green): 160mm / 15mm

1.5KG (Yellow): 175mm / 18mm

2.0KG (Blue): 190mm / 19mm

2.5KG (Red): 210mm / 19mm

5.0KG (White): 230mm / 26mm

About AtomicMass

With over 25 years’ experience in the welding and fabrication industry, Atomic Mass founder Rob Dahlhaus saw a need for quality fitness equipment that simply was not accessible locally. After his wife fell pregnant, Rob was spending more time with the family at their home in Brisbane and took on the task of building his very own home gym. The pieces he crafted by hand ended up being not only the most effective he had ever used, but also highly durable and are still in use to this day from Rob’s family home!

AtomicMass has an exceptional range of weight lifting equipment including bumper plates, barbells and dumbbells. Our weights range from 0.5kg right up to 25kg for a variety of fitness uses. We also have barbells suitable for both men and women, ranging in weight up to 20kg. Whether you buy our rubber coated Olympic bumper plates or our Atomic Mass premium bumper plates, all of our weights come in pairs and are fully compatible with our entire range of barbells. All our weight lifting equipment ships Australia-wide!

AtomicMass’ quality change plates can be used with any Atomic Mass barbell. Get yours today!